How to Prepare for Packers and Movers

Published: 08th September 2008
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Shifting or relocation is a very tiresome and boring issue. But often people face to it. It brings a lot of works to be done, such as; packing of household items, finding or hiring vehicles from transportation, loading, unloading, rearranging, etc. All these works are very tedious and stressful. But one can make relocation easier and hassle-free by hiring a professional moving company. A truly professional moving company can make your shifting or relocation straightforward. You need not to worry about packing and moving. The expert staffs and workers will do all with utmost care. You will be also ensured by the moving company for safe and secure delivery of your household items in time. So, if you too are planning to shift your home, hire a professional moving company to make your shifting hassle-free and easier.

If you have hired a professional packers and movers company to pack, load, transport, and unload your household items or goods, you should also prepare for packers movers before moving day arrivals. You should prepare for moving company so that the moving company workers can do their jobs in efficient ways. Following tasks should be done for movers and packers before moving day arrivals.

• Make a list of things which you want to take with you and which you don't want.

• Gather up all essential items that you want to take with you during your shifting.

• Set aside all the items that you do not want to take with you during your shifting.

• Keep apart breakable items for packing separately, such as; glassware, mirror, china pots, photo frames, wall paintings, etc

• Pack your all valuables, such as jewellery, collections and personal records yourselves to take with you.

• Dismantle television and radio antennas to pack separately.

• Gather aside electronic & electrical items like stereos, CD players, radio, television, computer, printers, VCRs, etc to pack separately.

• Drain oils and fuels from lamps, motor bikes, gas cylinders, and other power equipments.

• Drain water from water tanks, water tubs, water beds etc and allow them dry.

• Keep apart inflammable things from the rest of your household items to pack separately.

• Take back up of your computer files in CDs or DVDs or Pen Drives.

• Remove CDs, DVDs, from your CD/DVD players or computers.

• Keep apart garments and clothes from your wardrobes to pack separately.

• Make empty refrigerators and freezers.

• Make dry washing machines.

• Remove and unplug electronic items like air coolers, air conditioners, computer, televisions, etc.

• Try to empty all your food containers and water containers and make them dry.

• Remove wall paintings, photo frames, food racks from the walls to pack separately.

• Remove down curtains, and all things from the attic to pack separately.

• Call your packers movers service providers on the moving day or a day before.

• Assist them which items you want to take with you and which items you don't want.

• Watch workers are doing their packing jobs well or not.

• At last check your lists of items which you have prepared before and make ensure nothing is missing for packing.

By doing above mentioned facts for preparation of moving or shifting you can make your shifting hassle-free with the assist of a professional packers and movers company. Happy Shifting! Enjoy your new home.

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